Thursday, September 10, 2009

*About my baby PARIS*

Hello!! So fast my 2nd post come over.
I would likely to talk something about my baby *PARIS*.
Are you wondering what is *Paris* and who is it?????

Oh yes, she is my favourite, my baby, my lover, my daughter, my love ones, my sweety, my sweetheart, my everything and I do love her so much *with every piece of my heart*

She is just too cute to me and in my heart she is wonderful.
She is champion breed of Pomeranian with MKA CERT.
She is about 5 months old currently and how great she is.
She used to do
*hand hand*-when she heard this words she will lend out her hand to you.
*sit*- once you say out she will sit in a very nice pose.
*cheng cheng 请请 in canto*- she used to stand and greet to you like what you did in CNY.
How cute she is!!!!!!

In the future, i will try my best to teach her more eg: play dead, roll over, lie down, head down, HAND STAND (if possible, HAHAS)

Attitude of Paris:
*Naughty but also good in some manner
*Eat lover
*Annoyance (sometimes)
* Funny (used to make you laugh over)
* ETC (too much to say^^)
PS: The picha uploaded is aged photo. Latest photo will be upload as soon as possible thou. Check it out YEAH.

My first post

OH HI.^^

Yes, and yet this is my first post.

What do you think i'll write in this 1st post???

Yeah, introducing my business webby.

The following is the url link of my business webby:

Please do support a little since this is my FIRST POST.><

What do i sell???

Here is the list:

  • Geo Colour Lenses

  • F-cup cookies

  • Hair Wigs

  • Lady first product (everythings from their business site )

  • Mugu cosmetics

  • Various brand of Skin care & Cosmetics

  • Hair accessories & tools

  • Beauty tools

  • Lady clothes

  • Men clothes

  • Accessories
  • Shoes
  • Bags
  • and more * AND YOU FIGURE IT OUTTA *

PS: all in pre-order terms. Exclude geo lenses some ready stock available but limited.

Any enquires please do add my msn either one.



Thank you & wish you have a happy shopping.^^